Sepia Tears ~midwinter's reprise~

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Developer(s) Team NEET
Publisher(s) Team NEET
Director(s) eternal[1]
Programmer(s) AfroSquirrel
Artist(s) Choux
Writer(s) eternal[1]
Composer(s) lelangir[1]
Engine Ren'Py
Platform(s) PC/Mac OS/Linux/Android OS
  • NA: December 24, 2013[2]
Genre(s) Visual novel

Sepia Tears ~midwinter's reprise~ is a romance visual novel developed by Team NEET, on the Ren'Py engine.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Gameplay and plot[edit]

In Sepia Tears, the player controls the protagonist, Mark, as he goes through his high school life over the course of the month of November.[1] Like in other visual novels, Sepia Tears presents the player with choices, which will affect the characters and the direction of the story.[citation needed]


On December 24, 2013, Team NEET released Sepia Tears as a free download on the game's website.[2][1][10] It is also featured on the game distribution platform Steam.


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