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OriginSFR Yugoslavia
Jazz rock
Years active1975–1979, 2003
ZKP RTV Ljubljana
MembersJanez Bončina – Benč
Braco (Jožef) Doblekar
Tihomir "Pop" Asanović
Jadran Ogrin
Marijan Maliković
Ratomir (Ratko) Divjak
Tulio Furlanič
Past membersNelfi Depangher
Tone Dimnik
Dani Gančev
Ante Mažuran
Čarli Novak
Petar Ugrin

September was a Yugoslavian jazz rock band active between 1975 and 1979.


September was founded in 1975 by Janez Bončina – Benč and Tihomir "Pop" Asanović. Asanović had previously played in The Generals, Time, Pro arte and Jugoslovanska pop selekcija and issued two solo EPs, while Bončina was previously the guitarist and singer in Mladi levi, and later the singer in The Generals, Srce and Jugoslovanska pop selekcija, also writing songs.

The band mostly performed jazz rock. They represented the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in youth festivals in the USSR, East Germany and Cuba. Vedran Božić, a former guitarist in Time, sometimes performed at their concerts.

In the beginning of 1978, September toured the United States, where they recorded Domovino moja, their second LP, with lyrics by Asanović and Bončina. The LP included songs that were closer to conventional rock music, with multiple vocal lines. The group disbanded on 5 November 1979 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2003, the album The Best of September was released. The band reunited for a tour with concerts in Pula, Portorož and Maribor, finishing with a performance in Tivoli Hall in Ljubljana, where they were joined by the English group Deep Purple.

On 30 March 2012, the group reunited to perform a concert in Cankar Hall in Ljubljana.


  • Janez Bončina – Benč – vocal, band leader (1975–1979, 2003, 2012)
  • Tihomir "Pop" Asanović – Hammond organ (1975–1979, 2003, 2012)
  • Braco (Jožef) Doblekar – percussions (1975–1979, 2003, 2012)
  • Jadran Ogrin – bass guitar (1977–1979, 2003, 2012)
  • Marijan Maliković – guitar (1977–1979, 2003, 2012)
  • Ratomir (Ratko) Divjak – drums (1975–1977, 2003, 2012)
  • Tulio Furlanič – drums, vocal (2003)
  • Čarli Novak – bass guitar (1975–1977, 2012)
  • Petar Ugrin – trumpet, violin (1975–1977)
  • Nelfi Depangher – drums (1977–1979)
  • Tone Dimnik – Čoč – drums (1979)
  • Dani Gančev – bass guitar (1979)
  • Ante Mažuran – guitar (1979)


  • Luduj s nama (1975)
  • Zadnja avantura (1976)
  • BOOM 76 (compilation, 1976)
  • Live in studio M. (1977)
  • Život nema pravila (1977)
  • Randevu sa muzikom (compilation, 1977)
  • Domovino moja. (1978)
  • The Best of September (compilation, 2003)