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The September 11th Fund was created by the New York Community Trust [1] and the United Way of New York City[2] in response to the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

The Fund collected $534 million from more than two million donors and distributed a total of 559 grants totaling $528 million. Grants from the Fund provided cash assistance, counseling and other services to the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks, the injured and those displaced from their homes or jobs. The Fund also provided grants to affected small businesses and community organizations.[3]

NineEleven CaseManagement was selected by the Fund to administer all of the behavioral, mental health, and substance abuse benefits that the Fund determined the victims and families of the 9-11 attacks were entitled to.

In December 2004, the Fund completed its distribution of funds and closed its doors.

This is a separate fund from the similarly named September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

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