September 1954

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The following events occurred in September 1954:

September 1, 1954 (Wednesday)[edit]

September 2, 1954 (Thursday)[edit]

September 3, 1954 (Friday)[edit]

  • The last 'new' episode of The Lone Ranger radio program is broadcast, after 2,956 episodes over a period of 21 years. Reruns of old episodes continue to be transmitted.
  • Died:Eugene Pallette, American actor (b. 1889)

September 4, 1954 (Saturday)[edit]

  • Soviet war planes shot down a US bomber near or over the coast of Siberia. 9 of the 10 crewmembers would be rescued.
  • Dmitri Shostakovich was awarded the International Peace Prize, in Moscow.
  • President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower signed a bill allowing revocation of the citizenship of anyone advocating violent overthrow of the government.

September 5, 1954 (Sunday)[edit]

September 6, 1954 (Monday)[edit]

  • The SEATO treaty is signed in Manila, Philippines.
  • Died:Edward C. Kalbfus, American admiral (b. 1877)

September 7, 1954 (Tuesday)[edit]

September 8, 1954 (Wednesday)[edit]

  • The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) is established in Bangkok, Thailand.
Patricia Lynn Rebbe born in St Louis Missouri. Mother of Jeremiah George Dellas and Melanie Christine Dellas Coval.

September 9, 1954 (Thursday)[edit]

  • An earthquake centered on the city of Orléansville, Algeria kills 1,500 and leaves thousands homeless.

September 10, 1954 (Friday)[edit]

  • A mysterious man from the Philippines found a black book and learned that it was from a school somewhere in Europe. He went to the school and asked a student to write the actual date on the front page of it, because he did not know the date. The student wrote the date "10/09/54" in blue ink. The black book was very significant, but its content is still a mystery.

September 11, 1954 (Saturday)[edit]

  • The Miss America Pageant is broadcast on television for the first time.

September 12, 1954 (Sunday)[edit]

September 13, 1954 (Monday)[edit]

September 14, 1954 (Tuesday)[edit]

  • The Soviet Union test fires a thermonuclear bomb for the first time.
  • English composer Benjamin Britten’s chamber opera version of The Turn of the Screw receives its world premiere at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Italy.

September 15, 1954 (Wednesday)[edit]

  • Black Wednesday in air travel: severe delays to flights due to bad weather along the East Coast of the United States.

September 16, 1954 (Thursday)[edit]

September 17, 1954 (Friday)[edit]

  • William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies is published in London.

September 18, 1954 (Saturday)[edit]

September 19, 1954 (Sunday)[edit]

September 20, 1954 (Monday)[edit]

September 21, 1954 (Tuesday)[edit]

September 22, 1954 (Wednesday)[edit]

A riot occurs at Missouri state penitentiary in Jefferson city. During the incident four inmates are killed and multiple guards are injured. several parts of the prison are burned by inmates. Burnt areas of the prison from the riot would remain for ten years.

September 23, 1954 (Thursday)[edit]

September 24, 1954 (Friday)[edit]

September 25, 1954 (Saturday)[edit]

  • Footscray Football Club win their first Australian Football League Grand Final.

September 26, 1954 (Sunday)[edit]

  • The Japanese ferry Tōya Maru sinks during a typhoon in the Tsugaru Strait. More than 1,100 people are killed. Seven other ships are wrecked and at least nine others seriously damaged.

September 27, 1954 (Monday)[edit]

September 28, 1954 (Tuesday)[edit]

  • Died:Bert Lytell, American actor (b. 1885)
  • The Belles of St. Trinians, starring Alastair Sim is released to British film audiences.

September 29, 1954 (Wednesday)[edit]

The CERN Convention had finally come into force on 29 September, when France and Germany deposited their instruments of ratification at UNESCO House in Paris.

September 30, 1954 (Thursday)[edit]

  • The USS Nautilus (SSN-571), the first nuclear-powered submarine in the world, is commissioned into the U.S. Navy.