September 1996 lunar eclipse

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Total Lunar Eclipse
September 27, 1996
Lunar eclipse chart close-1996Sep27.png
The moon passes west to east (right to left) across the Earth's umbral shadow, shown in hourly intervals.
Series 127 (41 of 72)
Duration (hr:mn:sc)
Totality 1:09:12
Partial 3:23:17
Penumbral 5:20:52
P1 0:13:59 UTC
U1 1:12:43
U2 2:19:46
Greatest 2:54:22
U3 3:28:57
U4 4:35:59
P4 5:34:51

A total lunar eclipse took place on Friday, September 27, 1996, the second of two lunar eclipses in 1996, the first being on Thursday, April 4. This is the 41st member of Lunar Saros 127. The previous event is the September 1978 lunar eclipse. The next event is the October 2014 lunar eclipse.


It was visible from all of North and South America, Europe and Africa.

Lunar eclipse from moon-1996Sep27.png

Mid-infrared image of the Moon[edit]

The mid-infrared image of the Moon was taken during a September 1996 lunar eclipse by the SPIRIT-III instrument aboard the orbiting Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) satellite.

During its totality, the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) satellite's SPIRIT-III instrument took the image of the Moon in mid-infrared. At these wavelengths, MSX was able to characterize the thermal (heat) distribution of the lunar surface during the eclipse. The brightest regions are the warmest, and the darkest areas are the coolest. The well-known crater Tycho is the bright object to the south of center. Numerous other craters are also seen as bright spots, indicating that their temperature is higher than in the surrounding dark mare.[1]

Related eclipses[edit]

Lunar year series[edit]

This is the second of four lunar year eclipses at the ascending node of the moon's orbit.

Lunar eclipse series sets from 1995-1998
Ascending node   Descending node
112 1995 Apr 15
Lunar eclipse from moon-1995Apr15.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1995Apr15.png
117 1995 Oct 08
Lunar eclipse from moon-1995Oct08.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1995Oct08.png
Lunar eclipse April 4 1996 Hamois Belgium.jpg
1996 Apr 04
Lunar eclipse from moon-1996Apr04.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1996Apr04.png
1996 Sep 27
Lunar eclipse from moon-1996Sep27.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1996Sep27.png
March 1997 partial lunar eclipse 445UT-dale ireland.png
1997 Mar 24
Lunar eclipse from moon-1997Mar24.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1997Mar24.png
137 1997 Sep 16
Lunar eclipse from moon-1997Sep16.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1997Sep16.png
142 1998 Mar 13
Lunar eclipse from moon-1998Mar13.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1998Mar13.png
147 1998 Sep 06
Lunar eclipse from moon-1998Sep06.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-1998Sep06.png
Last set 1994 May 25 Last set 1994 Nov 18
Next set 1999 Jan 31 Next set 1998 Aug 08

Saros series[edit]

Lunar saros series 127, repeating every 18 years and 11 days, has a total of 72 lunar eclipse events including 54 umbral lunar eclipses (38 partial lunar eclipses and 16 total lunar eclipses). Solar Saros 134 interleaves with this lunar saros with an event occurring every 9 years 5 days alternating between each saros series.

Greatest First

The greatest eclipse of the series occurred on 1888 Jul 23, lasting 102 minutes.
Penumbral Partial Total Central
1275 Jul 09 1473 Nov 04 1798 May 29 1834 Jun 21
Central Total Partial Penumbral
1960 Sep 05 2068 Nov 09 2429 Jun 17 2555 Sep 02
1906 Aug 04 1924 Aug 14 1942 Aug 26
Lunar eclipse chart close-1906Aug04.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1906Aug04.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1924Aug14.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1924Aug14.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1942Aug26.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1942Aug26.png
1960 Sep 05 1978 Sep 16 1996 Sep 27
Lunar eclipse chart close-1960Sep05.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1960Sep05.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1978Sep16.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1978Sep16.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1996Sep27.png Lunar eclipse from moon-1996Sep27.png
2014 Oct 08 2032 Oct 18 2050 Oct 30
Lunar eclipse chart close-2014Oct08.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2014Oct08.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2032Oct18.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2032Oct18.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2050Oct30.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2050Oct30.png
2068 Nov 09
Lunar eclipse chart close-2068Nov09.png Lunar eclipse from moon-2068Nov09.png

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