September 2006 Karaburun, Turkey migrant boat disaster

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September 2006 Karaburun, Turkey migrant boat disaster occurred on 26 September 2006 between the Greek island off Chios and the coastal area of Küçükbahçe village, depending Karaburun district located in the western shore of Karaburun Peninsula, İzmir Province, in the extreme western end of Turkey near the large port city of İzmir, The coastline of the northern part of Chios island extends opposite to Küçükbahçe village in the Anatolian mainland.

In the morning of 26 September 2006, a vessel of the Turkish Coast Guard picked up thirty-one illegal migrants from the sea, two of them women. The bodies of six migrants who had drowned in the sea have been found on the same day and according to the accounts provided by these survivors three more had gone missing.[1] Those dead by drowning included one Palestinian, one Algerian and one Iraqi national, as well as three Tunisians. The three missing were also Tunisians according to the survivors.


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