September 2012 Beytüşşebap attack

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September 2012 Beytüşşebap attack
Part of Turkey-PKK conflict
Sirnak Turkey Provinces locator.jpg
Location of Şırnak. Beytüşşebap is district of Şırnak.
Date 2 September 2012 - ongoing
Location Beytüşşebap in Şırnak Province, Turkey
Result Turkish Victory, Attack repulsed.[1][2]
Turkey PKK
5000 More Than 200
Casualties and losses
12 killed 7 wounded (2 killed in following operations) 46 killed(26 killed in following operations)

The September 2012 Beytüşşebap attack occurred on the night of September 2, 2012.[1] According to Governor of Şırnak Province, the attack began 22.00, and he said that as a result of the attack nine Turkish soldiers died and eight soldiers were injured.[1] One of the injured soldiers died later in Şırnak Hospital.[3] In the following days clashes were reported to keep on.


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