September 2018 inter-Korean summit

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September 2018 inter-Korean summit
South Korea: 2018년 남북정상회담
North Korea: 2018년 북남수뇌상봉
← May 2018 inter-Korean summit September 18–20, 2018
Sept. 2018 Inter-Korea Summit 06.jpg
Host country North Korea
Motto 평화, 새로운 미래
平和, 새로운 未來
(Peace, A New Future)
Venue(s) Pyongyang
Participants South Korea Moon Jae-in
North Korea Kim Jong-un
Website 2018 Inter-Korean Summit
September 2018 inter-Korean summit
South Korean name
Hangul 2018 남북정상회담
Hanja 2018 南北頂上會談
North Korean name
Chosŏn'gŭl 2018 북남수뇌상봉
Hancha 2018 北南首腦相逢

The September 2018 inter-Korean summit was the third inter-Korean summit in 2018.

On 13 August, the Blue House announced that South Korea's President plans to attend the third inter-Korean summit with leader Kim Jong-un at Pyongyang in September as expected. The agenda would be finding the strategy of the breakthrough in its hampered talks with the U.S. and solution for the denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.[1][2][3] It was held for three days between September 18 and September 20.[4]


It would be the fifth inter-Korean summit after the Korean War of 1950–1953. North Korea is currently soliciting economic cooperation and results from South Korea at the upcoming inter-Korean summit on September.[5] North Korea's state media announced the agreement to hold the next inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang.[6]


It was announced on August 31 that South Korean President Moon Jae-In will send a special delegation to North Korea on September 5 to hold more nuclear talks and set up the date for the summit.[7][8][9] On September 5, 2018, South Korean National Security Advisor Chung Eui-yong, National Intelligence Service Director Suh Hoon and other delegates travelled to North Korea to hold a meeting with Kim Jong-un, where they arranged the summit and help rescue faltering nuclear diplomacy between the United States and North Korea.[10] It was then announced that the three-day summit would take place between September 18 and September 20.[11] South Korean officials have insisted that Kim Jong-un has set a proposed denuclearization timetable and is working with Trump to achieve this goal.[12]

September 18 (Day 1)[edit]

The summit began as scheduled on September 18.[13] On the first day, Moon Jae-in and his wife Kim Jung-Sook arrived at Pyongyang's Sunan International Airport, where they got a rousing reception.[13] Kim Jong-un also greeted them and embraced Moon.[13] Kim and Moon also arrived at the summit in the same car.[13] Both also openly waved to an enthusiastic car parade.[13]

September 19 (Day 2)[edit]

In Pyongyang, an agreement titled the “Pyongyang Joint Declaration of September 2018” was signed by both Korean leaders[14] The agreement calls for the removal of landmines planted throughout the JSA from both sides of the North-South Korean border.[15]

The DPRK agreed to dismantle their nuclear complex in the presence of international experts if the U.S. takes correlative action. [16]

Kim Jong-un also pledged to visit the South Korean capital of Seoul "in the near future."[17]

In front of a capacity crowd of 150,000,[18] Moon delivered a speech at Pyongyang's May Day Stadium calling for cultural unity and reunification of both Koreas.[18] Moon received a standing ovation and was the first ever South Korean leader to give a public address in North Korea.[19] At the same stadium, Moon, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and their wives attended the mass games performance of "The Glorious Country."[18]

September 20 (Day 3)[edit]

The leaders of the two Koreas visited Mount Baekdu together. [18] Moon traveled from Pyongyang by plane to Samjiyon Airport near Mount Paektu where Kim arrived first to greet him.[18] They then rode vehicles to the mountain on the North Korean-Chinese border.[18] The leaders also rode together in a cable car to reach Heaven Lake, located in a crater atop the mountain's sacred volcano area.[20] After reaching the lake, Moon along with their wives, posed together in front of it for a picture.[20] The mountain's volcano area is considered to be one of the most sacred sites in Korean mythology.[20] Before Moon returned to South Korea,[21] a stone marker was dedicated during a tree planting ceremony in Pyongyang to commemorate his trip to North Korea.[20]


Chinese state media Xinhua greeted the decision of holding the next inter-Korea leaders' summit in Pyongyang. Xinhua expressed that the U.S. has had a vital impact on the "Korean Peninsula issue" and requested on Washington to play a more dynamic role in regional matters. Xinhua also viewed negatively the United States' North Korea policy with "maximum pressure" although Pyongyang has made efforts to "shut down" the Punggye-ri primary nuclear test site, return the remains of the U.S. soldiers from the Korean War, and stimulate negotiations between North and South.[22]

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