September 2024 lunar eclipse

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Partial Lunar Eclipse
September 18, 2024
Lunar eclipse chart close-2024Sep18.png
The moon passes west to east (right to left) across the Earth's umbral shadow, shown in hourly intervals.
Series 118 (52 of 74)
Duration (hr:mn:sc)
Partial 1:02:47
Penumbral 4:06:16
P1 0:41:02 UTC
U1 2:12:48
Greatest 2:44:11
U4 3:15:35
P4 4:47:18

A partial lunar eclipse will take place on September 18, 2024.


It will be completely visible over western parts of Africa and Europe, South and eastern North America, will be seen rising over the rest of North America, and setting over the rest of Africa and Europe.

Lunar eclipse from moon-2024Sep18.png

Related eclipses[edit]

Lunar year series[edit]

Saros series[edit]

It is part of Saros cycle 118.

Half-Saros cycle[edit]

A lunar eclipse will be preceded and followed by solar eclipses by 9 years and 5.5 days (a half saros).[1] This lunar eclipse is related to two partial solar eclipses of Solar Saros 125.

September 13, 2015 September 23, 2033
SE2015Sep13P.png SE2033Sep23P.png

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  1. ^ Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Jean Meeus, p.110, Chapter 18, The half-saros

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