September 30, 1955

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September 30, 1955
September 30, 1955 film.jpg
Directed by James Bridges
Produced by Jerry Weintraub
Written by James Bridges
Starring Richard Thomas
Susan Tyrrell
Music by Leonard Rosenman
Cinematography Gordon Willis
Edited by Jeff Gourson
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
  • August 1977 (1977-08) (Montréal Film Festival)
Running time
101 minutes
Country United States
Language English

September 30, 1955 (originally titled 9/30/55) is a 1977 drama film written and directed by James Bridges.


Set in Conway, Arkansas, the film portrays the reaction of the citizens of the town when they hear that James Dean has died in a car crash. Jimmy J. (Richard Thomas), a young man who idolizes Dean, is particularly affected.



Filming of this movie was delayed for a year after Richard Thomas broke his ankle. Thomas had never ridden a motorcycle before and was practicing when he had an accident resulting in the ankle injury. The original cast included some Arkansas actors, including the part of Eugene. Unfortunately, the delay in filming coincided with the young Arkansas actors' growth spurt and the part of Eugene had to be re-cast.

Critical reception[edit]

The New York Times called the film, "funny, solemn, dead-on-accurate."[1]


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