September Bowl of Green

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September Bowl of Green
Studio album by The Grapes of Wrath
Released 1985
Recorded Profile Studios and Inside Trak
Genre Rock
Length 60:17
Label Nettwerk
Producer Greg Reely, Tom Cochrane
The Grapes of Wrath chronology
The Grapes of Wrath
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September Bowl of Green

September Bowl of Green is an album by The Grapes of Wrath. The initial vinyl pressing of the album included a cover version of "If I Needed Someone" by The Beatles, but at the request of the band, the song was left off of subsequent pressings. This version of the song has never been released again, but the band has included it in some set lists during their 2010 reunion tour. All songs composed by Tom Hooper/Kevin Kane/Chris Hooper.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Misunderstanding (Tom Cochrane Remix) 2:29
  2. Love Comes Around (Tom Cochrane Remix) 3:31
  3. Breaks My Heart↑ 5:49
  4. A Dream (About You) 3:07
  5. Didn't You Say Something 4:55
  6. And I Know 4:43
  7. Self-Abuse 3:37
  8. Umbrella 4:01
  9. Realistic Birds 5:30
  10. See Her Go↑ 3:27
  11. Lay Out The Trap 4:27
  12. Down To The Wire 4:03
  13. Laughing Out Loud 4:11
  14. Breaks My Heart (Live) 5:47

↑Tracks on the CD that are omitted on vinyl

Original vinyl track listing[edit]

  1. Misunderstanding (Original Greg Reely Mix)
  2. Love Comes Around (Original Greg Reely Mix)
  3. Breaks My Heart
  4. A Dream (About You)
  5. Didn't You Say Something
  6. And I Know
  7. Self-Abuse
  8. Umbrella
  9. If I Needed Someone
  10. Realistic Birds