Septimal diatonic semitone

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Major diatonic semitone
Inverse major seventh
Other names Septimal diatonic semitone
Semitones 1
Interval class 1
Just interval 15:14
Equal temperament 100
Just intonation 119.44

In music, a major diatonic semitone[1] or septimal diatonic semitone is the interval 15:14 About this sound Play . It is about 119.44 cents. The major diatonic semitone may be derived from the harmonic series as the interval between the fourteenth and fifteenth harmonics.

The major diatonic semitone equals a just diatonic semitone About this sound Play  (16:15, or 111.73 cents) plus a septimal kleisma (the interval 225:224, or 7.71 cents).

Major diatonic semitone on C About this sound Play 
Major diatonic semitone on C, as in the harmonic series.

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