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Septwolves (Chinese: 七匹狼; pinyin: Qīpǐláng) is a tobacco and clothing brand based in Fujian, People's Republic of China. The brand was registered in 1990 in mainland China (for clothing only at that time).[1][2] It was the subject of a Hong Kong trademark case which divided it between two businesses,[2] as tobacco and the clothes were produced by two unrelated companies, which were state-owned enterprise and civilian-run enterprise respectively.



The tobacco brand, created in 1995[2] is promoted by the Longyan Cigarette Factory under the auspices of the Jinjiang Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and is used nationwide for cigarettes. Both the corporation and the government department were in fact under the same entity China Tobacco (which shared the same headquarter with State Tobacco Monopoly Administration) as their subsidiary. The Irish journalist Mark Godfrey called it "one of the biggest cigarette makers in the country"[3][unreliable source?]


The clothing business, started in 1990 in Jinjiang, and is now based in Xiamen. In 1992 it was recognized as a 'Reputable Brand in Fujian', and the next year the trademark was registered overseas. It claims to be "one of the most famous men's clothing makers in China"[4] and has now expanded into womenswear and childrenswear.

In 2000, the garment business was restructured. In February 2002, US President George W. Bush was presented with samples as part of his visit to China.[citation needed] The company has had endorsement or sponsorship deals with Chyi Chin and Real Madrid.[citation needed] In 2006, it was ranked 303rd most influential brand in Asia.[1][third-party source needed]

Since 6 August 2004, the garment business has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as Fujian Septwolves Industry Co., Ltd. SZSE: 002029 As at 9 November 2016, Septwolves was a constituent of SZSE Component Index but not in SZSE 300 Index, making the company was ranked between the 301st to 500th by free float adjusted market capitalization. Fujian Septwolves Group still owned 34.29% on Septwolves Industry. Septwolves Group was owned by Zhou Yongwei, Zhou Shaoxiong, Zhou Shaoming and Chen Pengling.[5]

The group also operates a number of enterprises in Fujian, including commercial property in Quanzhou worth over RMB100 million.[4]


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