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Sequenza (Italian for "sequence") is the name borne by fourteen compositions for solo instruments or voice by Luciano Berio. The pieces, some of which call for extended techniques, are:

Several of these pieces became the basis of larger works: Sequenza II, with the addition of extra instrumental parts around the original solo, became Chemins I; Sequenza VI developed into Chemins II, Chemins IIb, Chemins IIc and Chemins III; Sequenza VII became Chemins IV; Sequenza XI became Chemins V; Sequenza X became Kol-Od, also known as Chemins VI; Sequenza IXb became Récit, also known as Chemins VII; and Sequenza VIII became Corale. Conversely, Sequenza IX grew out of a piece for clarinet and electronics (later withdrawn), originally known as Chemins V; NB it is not the same as the work with the same title which originates from Sequenza XI.