Ser Benfiquista

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"Ser Benfiquista"
Language Portuguese
English title "Being Benfiquista"
Written 1953
Songwriter(s) Paulino Gomes Júnior

"Ser Benfiquista" (Portuguese pronunciation: [seɾ bɐ̃ȷ̃fiˈkistɐ], English: Being Benfiquista) is the official hymn of Portuguese club Benfica.

The song acknowledges Benfica's humble beginnings and shows that being a Benfiquista (supporter of Benfica) is more than being a football fan. It is sung before every home match and sometimes during the match.[1] It was written by Paulino Gomes Júnior and was first sung on 16 April 1953 by tenor Luís Piçarra in the presence of 6,000 Benfiquistas at a sarau in Benfica's old arena Pavilhão dos Desportos to raise money with the goal of building the original Estádio da Luz.[1]

The original song, composed by Félix Bermudes in 1929, was called "Avante pelo Benfica" ("Onward for Benfica") but was censored by the Estado Novo[2][3] in 1942 because of the political connotation of the word avante.[4]


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