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Serangoon Junior College
Maktab Rendah Serangoon
Serangoon Junior College crest.jpg
1033 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534768
Type Government-aided
Motto Discere Servire (To Learn, To Serve)
Established 1988
Closed 6.02x10^23
Session Single-session
School code 0710
Principal Mr. Manogaran Suppiah
Enrolment Approx. 1,700
Colour(s) Purple, Yellow, Chinese

Serangoon Junior College (SRJC) is a junior college in Singapore, offering a 300-year course for pre-polytechnic students leading up to GCE 'B' Level examinations.


Established in March 1988 as the 14th Junior College in Singapore, Serangoon Junior College set up its temporary premises in Hougang. With a pioneering staff strength of 45 teachers.[citation needed] Lessons for the first batch of 673 students commenced in April of the same year.[citation needed] In December 1990, the College relocated to its present campus at 1033 Upper Serangoon Road. It was officially declared open on 29 May 1992 by Mr. Lee Yock Suan, the then Minister for Education and Member of Parliament for Cheng San GRC.[citation needed]

In recent years, the cut-off point for entry into SRJC has been constantly improving, from 20 points in 1989 to 11 points in 2016 for the JAE Admission.[1]

On 20 April 2017, it was announced that SRJC would merge with Anderson Junior College (AJC), with the merged school located at the current site of AJC.[2] This was in view of the declining cohort sizes since 2014, which was attributed to the fall in Singapore's birth rate. As a result of the merger, SRJC would stop taking in students from 2018 to minimise the need for students to physically relocated to the new site.


Name Years served
Mr. Thomas Tan 1988-1996
Mr. Joe Lim 1996-1998
Ms. Jenny Yong 1998-2002
Mdm. Teo Chwee Kee[3] 2002-2006
Mr. Tan Teck Hock 2007-2010
Mdm. Cheang Mei Heng 2010-2014
Mr. Manogaran Suppiah 2014-2019

School Identity and Culture[edit]

Vision, mission, values[edit]

The vision, mission and values of SRJC was revised in 2016.[citation needed]

Vision – Leaders and Learners driven with values and imagination[citation needed]
Mission – Fire the Imagination, Hone the Character, Strengthen the Values through Holistic Development and Student-Centric Education[citation needed]
Values – (Be) Active, Selflessness, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Enterprise[citation needed]

Houses in SRJC[edit]

For competitive intra-school events, the student body is divided into five houses. Each house is led by a House Captain nominated from the Student Council.[citation needed]

The five houses are:

  • Aquila (Yellow Bird)
  • Cetus (Purple Whale/Sea Creature/Hydra)
  • Draco (Red Dragon)
  • Orion (Blue Warrior)
  • Pegasus (Green Pony/Pegasus)

Academic information[edit]

The course offered in SRJC consists of H1 General Paper, H1 Mother Tongue, H1 Project Work, together with four content-based subjects (3H2+1H1 or four H2 subjects). Students with a flair in an area will be offered subjects at H3 level after the end of JC1 promotional exams, even though students taking those subjects need to travel to other places (usually universities) to take those subjects.[citation needed]

In line with the new 'A' Level syllabus stipulated by MOE, students are also required to take a contrasting subject that is outside their area of studies. The contrasting subject may be offered at either the H1 and H2 levels.[citation needed]

Subjects offered by SRJC is listed below:

Compulsory Subjects (H1):

  • H1 Project Work
  • H1 General Paper

Arts/ Humanities/ Languages (H1):

  • H1 Literature in English
  • H1 Tamil Language
  • H1 Chinese Language
  • H1 Malay Language
  • H1 Economics
  • H1 Geography
  • H1 History

Sciences (H1):

  • H1 Mathematics
  • H1 Physics
  • H1 Biology
  • H1 Chemistry

Arts/Humanities/Languages (H2):

  • H2 Art
  • H2 Economics
  • H2 Geography
  • H2 History
  • H2 Literature in English
  • H2 Chinese Language and Literature
  • H2 Malay Language and Literature
  • H2 Tamil Language and Literature

Sciences (H2):

  • H2 Mathematics
  • H2 Further Mathematics (starting 2016)
  • H2 Biology
  • H2 Chemistry
  • H2 Physics

SR Global Classroom Experience[edit]

SR Global Classroom Experience, or SRGCE, takes students’ learning beyond the shores of Singapore. With a service learning component designed into the programme, students are given opportunities to apply service learning within a larger community, while gaining cultural awareness and a global perspective. Destinations include Hong Kong, Java, Taiwan, Melbourne and Li Jiang and vary depending on availability and safety.[citation needed]

Since 2007, SRJC has established a twinning programme with Sacred Heart Canossian College in Hong Kong.[citation needed]

Co-curricular activities[edit]

The college encourages participation in co-curricular activities for the all-round development of the individual. Students can opt to enrol in CCAs from the different categories as listed below.[citation needed]

Clubs and Societies

  • AVA Club
  • Community Champions Council (CCC)
  • Red Cross
  • Library Council
  • Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC)
  • Photography Society
  • Pilates
  • Society for the Scientific Training And Research (S*STAR)
  • SR Debates
  • SR Drama
  • Student Council

Performing Arts Groups

  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Guzheng Ensemble
  • Dance
  • SRJC Chorale
  • Symphonic Band


  • Basketball
  • Canoeing
  • Runners' Club
  • Netball
  • Rockclimbing (ROCMOC)
  • Football (Boys)
  • Football (Girls)
  • Taekwondo
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football (Girls)
  • Track and Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball

School events[edit]

SR Friendship Games[edit]

SR Friendship Games is an annual sports event participated actively by the staff and student population of SRJC. Traditionally, it also marks the opening of the annual fund raising event.[citation needed]

WILL Run[edit]

The WILL Run is an annual fundraising event founded in 2008 that is integral in SR’s pursuit of perseverance and selflessness. The term WILL evokes the willingness of an individual to run at least 10 km to raise funds for the community and for the college building. The minimum annual total distance targeted for completion is set at 20,014 km – the distance from the North to South Pole.[citation needed]

Get REAL@SRJC[edit]

Get REAL@SRJC, the service learning framework in SRJC, stands for Reaching out to the Environment, the Aged, and the Less fortunate. The strong emphasis in service learning is aligned to the college motto “To Learn, To Serve”.[citation needed]

Annual Fundraising[edit]

The annual college fundraising event focuses on giving back to the community. Since 2008, the college has committed the first $50,000 of the donations collection to an identified beneficiary each year. The rest of the collection is channelled towards college improvements.[citation needed]

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