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IndustryMusic software
FoundersSteve West and AJ Berstenshaw
HeadquartersAuckland, New Zealand

Serato (stylized in all lowercase; /sərɑːt/) is a music software company.


Serato was founded in Auckland, New Zealand by Steve West and AJ Berstenshaw, who created software that changes the tempo of a recorded track without changing the pitch.[1]


Serato produces software used in digital music mixing,[2] including digital vinyl record mixing for DVS records.[3] Serato also produces software for DJ mixing, which has visual components including wave form beatmatching[4] and other information about the sound being produced by the system.[5] The software works with mainstream hardware, such as Roland, Denon, and Pioneer.[1]

In 2018 Serato changed the names of its DJ software from Serato DJ to Serato DJ Pro, and from Serato DJ Intro to Serato DJ Lite.[6] The new versions use 64-bit software architecture.[7] Serato also partners with hardware developers such as Pioneer to create Serato controllers.[8]


Serato developed a mobile app called Pyro, which automatically fades songs from a mobile device as they transition from track to track without prompting, and serves as a playlist creator[9] drawing music from a device’s iTunes library.[10] Pyro also comes preloaded with other song collections curated by different artists and labels.[11]


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