Serbia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017
Country Serbia
National selection
Selection processNational Selection
Selection date(s)30 September 2017
Selected entrantIrina Brodić & Jana Paunović
Selected song"Ceo svet je naš"
Selected songwriter(s)Ognjen Cvekić
Lejla Hot
Irina Brodić
Jana Paunović
Finals performance
Final result10th, 92 points
Serbia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest
◄2016 2017 2018►

Serbia participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 which took place on 26 November 2017, in Tbilisi, Georgia. Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) was responsible for organising their entry for the contest. Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović were selected from national selection to represent Serbia with the song "Ceo svet je naš".


Prior to the 2017 Contest, Serbia had participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest eight times since its debut in 2006,[1] and once as Serbia and Montenegro in 2005,[2] prior to the Montenegrin independence referendum in 2006 which culminated into the dissolution of Serbia and Montenegro,[3]

National selection[edit]

The Serbian broadcaster announced on 15 June 2017, that they would be participating at the contest to be held in Tbilisi, Georgia. On 28 September 2017, prerecorded national selection was held. It was aired on 30 September 2017.

Three applicants participated to be selected as the representative for Serbia. The winner was selected from the five-panel jury, who consisted of Vojkan Borisavljević, Nevena Božović, Ljiljana Ranđelović, Čeda Hodžić and Kiki Lesendrić.

Dečja Pesma Evrovizije - 28 September 2017
Draw Artist Song Jury Votes Total Place
V. Borisavljević N. Božović L. Ranđelović Č. Hodžić K. Lesendrić
1 Darija Vračević "Ove zvezde smo ti i ja" (Ове звезде смо ти и ја) 10 8 8 8 12 46 3
2 Irina Brodić & Jana Paunovič "Ceo svet je naš" (Цео свет је наш) 12 10 12 12 10 56 1
3 Irina Arsenijević "Šta je svet bez ljubavi" (Шта је свет без љубави) 8 12 10 10 8 48 2

Artist and song information[edit]

Jana Paunović[edit]

Jana Paunović
Born (2005-02-07) 7 February 2005 (age 14)
Belgrade, Serbia

Jana Paunović (born 7 February 2005) is a Serbian child singer. She represented Serbia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, alongside Irina Brodić.

Irina Brodić[edit]

Irina Brodić
Born (2004-11-03) 3 November 2004 (age 14)
Šabac, Serbia

Irina Brodić (born 3 November 2004) is a child singer who represented Serbia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017. She sung with Jana Paunović.

Ceo svet je naš[edit]

Serbia "Ceo svet je naš"
Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 entry
Jana Paunović, Irina Brodić
Appearance chronology
◄ "U La La La" (2016)   

"Ceo svet je naš" is a song by Serbian singers Jana Paunović, Irina Brodić. It represented Serbia during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

At Junior Eurovision[edit]

During the opening ceremony and the running order draw which took place on 20 November 2017, Serbia was drawn to perform fourteenth on 26 November 2017, following Russia and preceding Australia.


The results of the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest were determined by national juries and an online audience vote. Every country had a national jury that consisted of three music industry professionals and two kids aged between 10 and 15 who are citizens of the country they represent. This jury was asked to judge each contestant based on: vocal capacity; the stage performance; the song's composition and originality; and the overall impression by the act. In addition, no member of a national jury could be related in any way to any of the competing acts in such a way that they cannot vote impartially and independently. The first phase of the online voting started on 24 November 2017 when a recap of all the rehearsal performances was shown on before the viewers could vote. After this, voters also had the option to watch longer one-minute clips from each participant's rehearsal. This first round of voting stopped on Sunday, 26 November, at 15:59 CET. The second phase of the online voting took place during the live show and started right after the last performance and was open for 15 minutes. International viewers could vote for a minimum of three countries and a maximum of five. They could also vote for their own country's song. These votes were then turned into points. The number of points was determined by the percentage of votes received. For example, if a song received 20% of the votes, thus it would receive 20% of the available points. The public vote counted for 50% of the final result, while the other 50% came from the professional juries.

Points awarded to Serbia[edit]

12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
  • Serbia received 44 points from Online voting.

Points awarded by Serbia[edit]