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Strength of Serbia Movement – BK
Покрет снага Србије – БК
Pokret snaga Srbije – BK
Leader Bogoljub Karić
Founded 20 May 2004 (20 May 2004)
Headquarters Тerazije 28/III, Belgrade
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Social liberalism
Political position Centre-right
National Assembly
2 / 250

The Strength of Serbia Movement – BK (Serbian: Покрет Снага Србије – БК (ПСС – БК)/ Pokret Snaga Srbije – BK (PSS – BK)) is a political party in Serbia, founded and led by Serbian businessman Bogoljub Karić.

Presidents of Strength of Serbia Movement (2004–Present)[edit]

# President Born-Died Term start Term end
1 Bogoljub Karić 1954– 20 may 2004 Incumbent

Presidential elections[edit]

President of Serbia
Election year # Candidate 1st round votes  % 2nd round votes  % Notes
2004 Increase 3rd Bogoljub Karić 568,691 18.24%
2008 Decrease 7th Milanka Karić 40,332 0.98%
2012 Increase 1st Tomislav Nikolić 979,216 25.05% 1,552,063 49.54% PS coalition
2017 Increase 1st Aleksandar Vučić 55.05% Government coalition

Provincial elections[edit]

The Movement received 42,813 votes (6.69%) and won 4 seats in the first round of the 2004 Vojvodina parliamentary elections and additional 3 seats in the second round, by majority system.

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