Serbian men's university basketball team

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Basketball Federation of Serbia logo.svg
Joined FIBA 1992
FIBA zone FIBA Europe
National federation KSS
Coach Zoran Todorović
Nickname(s) Orlovi (The Eagles)
Summer Universiade
Appearances 10
Medals Gold medal europe.svg Gold: 2001, 2003, 2009, 2011
Silver medal europe.svg Silver: 1999, 2007
Bronze medal europe.svg Bronze: 2005, 2013
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Light jersey
Kit shorts redsides.png
Team colours
Kit body whitesides.png
Dark jersey
Kit shorts whitesides.png
Team colours

The Serbian men's university basketball team (Serbian: Универзитетска кошаркашка репрезентација Србије / Univerzitetska košarkaška reprezentacija Srbije) represents Serbia at the Summer Universiade and is controlled by the Basketball Federation of Serbia, the governing body for basketball in Serbia.

Competitive record[edit]

Played as Year Position Head Coach
United States 1993 Buffalo, NY not participated N/A
Japan 1995 Fukuoka
Italy 1997 Sicily
Spain 1999 Palma de Mallorca Silver medal icon.svg
China 2001 Beijing Gold medal icon.svg
South Korea 2003 Daegu Gold medal icon.svg
Turkey 2005 İzmir Bronze medal icon.svg
Thailand 2007 Bangkok Silver medal icon.svg Serbia Aleksandar Kesar
Serbia 2009 Belgrade Gold medal icon.svg
China 2011 Shenzhen Gold medal icon.svg Montenegro Luka Pavićević
Russia 2013 Kazan Bronze medal icon.svg Serbia Oliver Popović
South Korea 2015 Gwangju 9th Serbia Vanja Guša
Taiwan 2017 Taipei 4th Serbia Zoran Todorović
Total 10/13

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