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Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia in October 2013
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The Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia (Serbo-Croatian: Srpskohrvatska Wikipedija, Српскохрватска Википедија) is the Serbo-Croatian version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are also national Wikipedia versions for the different standardised varieties of the Serbo-Croatian language, including Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. As of June 2017, no Montenegrin Wikipedia exists. As of March 2020, the Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia was the 26th largest Wikipedia in the world.[1]

This Wikipedia was locked in early 2005 due to inactivity, but was later re-opened.[2] The Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia has 452,865 articles, comprising a total of 41 million edits. It is the second largest South Slavic Wikipedia, after Serbian Wikipedia.[3]


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