Serbs in the United Kingdom

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British Serbs
Srbi u Velikoj Britanji
Срби у Великој Британији
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Total population
75,000 (estimate)[1]
English, Serbian
Serbian Orthodox Church

British Serbs or Serbs in the United Kingdom[2][3] are Serbs and people of Serbian ancestry in the United Kingdom. The Serbian Council of Great Britain estimates that there are 75,000 ethnic Serbs living in the UK.[1]


Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Lazar in Birmingham

There has been a Serb community in Halifax since Yugoslavia's liberation in the World War II. Monarchist refugees (Chetniks) left Yugoslavia as a result of Josip Broz Tito's revolution.[4] There is a Serbian Orthodox church there.

There is a sizable Serb community in Shepherd's Bush (Hammersmith and Fulham) and Notting Hill (Kensington and Chelsea) in West London, where Serbian grocery stores, cafes, and a Serbian church is present.

There are a number of Serbian Orthodox churches in the UK, including in the two largest cities, London and Birmingham.[5]

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