Serbs of Slovakia

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Serbs of Slovakia
Коморанске шајке 1597.jpg
Serbs in Komarno (1597)
Total population
(698 (2011) [1])
Regions with significant populations
Coat of arms of Komárno.png Komárno
Coat of Arms of Bratislava.svg Bratislava
Eastern Orthodoxy (Serbian Church)
Related ethnic groups
other South Slavic people

There is a small number of Serbs in Slovakia, mostly located in the southern town of Komárno, where they have been living since the 17th century.[2] There has also been a historic minority in Bratislava (Požun), where many Habsburg Serbs studied. The number of Slovaks of Serb descent is hard to determine but nevertheless they are recognized as an official minority.[3]

Notable people[edit]