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Serdar Ortaç (born February 16, 1970, in Istanbul Gureba Hospital Foundation) was completed in the first Kocamustafapaþa education and secondary education Suadiye High School. The high school Haydarpasa Industrial Vocational High School, was completed in turning and smoothing section. His father was a small plastic molders with the shop lathe. Works with his father in childhood weekends, he sold the wheel and water. Through his father he learned to stop work life and standing, a lot of it is owed to her father brings artists often he said. It started higher education at Bilkent University American Culture and Literature Department but left the university without completing his education.

In one radio program producer as a year in Istanbul and she worked as a server. One of the periods by a record producer who listened to radio programs were offered to sign a contract with the record company, which Raks. Thus, he wrote songs until that day, grabbed the chance to voice their sound and made his first album.

1994-99: For Love, Summer Rain and the Night Man[edit]

August 17, 1994, debut album "To Love" and said hello to the world of music. "My Pepper" by departing Serdar Ortaç stayed a long time in this part of the agenda. Love the album for the famous musician working Turgay'l Serdar Özkan from Ortaç album "Worthless" and "Let Go" was loved songs like that too. It rose to the top of the list. Serdar Ortaç this achievement 1. Kral TV Video Music Awards for "Best Breakthrough Male Artist" award.

March 1, 1996, he released the summer of Cloudy with a second album. Penny Feyyaz second album, Selim Çaldıran, Erhan Smiley, Love Tuna worked with names like Text Arolat. In this album he did with music and lyrics by Text Arolat "Gamzelim", as "I Lie", "I'm Becoming Man," "Summer Rains" has scored as many hit songs.

On 21 February 1997, this album, "Loco Para Amar" was the voice of all the name of an album in Spanish in Mexico. Later this album in Turkey, prepared as a single Spanish. Artist Sibel given this year to the "Sultan" from the song "Milliyet's Greatest Hits of the Year" award.

The fourth album, "Man of the Night", was released on July 10, 1998. This album, as well as Selim Çaldıran arranger and tried to Feyyaz Kuruş'l, the album "Man of the Night" was one of the songs most listened song of the year. "Unhappy are" starred in Ebru Gündeş'l same clip in the song. Participle in 1999 "Freedom Golden Butterfly" the most successful artist of the year award.

2000-03: If I knew that, and Ocean[edit]

His fifth album Bilsem be 21 in October 1999 to work out. This album Selim Çaldıran, and has worked with names like Feyyaz Penny Murata enough. Century "Error", "If I knew that," and "yours" was the song of the album's songs captured clips. In 2000 Ortaç, "Kral TV Video Music Awards" was awarded the prize for best male pop artist.

The sixth album, "Voice of the owner" was. 7 was released in May 2001. Other artist friends to give the Hulya Avsar songs - Have Searched ?, Muazzez Abacı - I do not care, Sibel Can - Sultan and get Kana, Fuld, Uras - without me you are, Nickelback - Dertli world as well as gave their remix of their song.

The seventh album "Ocean" 10 July 2002 was released. Erhan Flag album, Erdem Kınay worked with musicians such as Alper Erinç. First clip with the song "Misdemeanor" second clip taken by "Night Blink" and close to the artist Ebru friendly Gündeş'l his duet "Decisions are my world" has stood out with its song.

"Serdar Ortaç'l Heber Together" has show-competition program in 2003 with "Radio and TV Oscars" award for best show program in the area had proved its success with television artists.

2004-07 Chakra and Distance[edit]

Eighth album "Forget Me / Chakra" was released March 12, 2004. In October of the same year the album, which will be found out in the 90s, "Serdar Ortaç Classics" released in the album.

In January 2005, Blue Tree Publishing poetry / poetry written in the memory type until 2005, the lyrics and composed the memories of these songs were released the book For Whom.

In 2005, Serdar Ortaç "Kral TV Video Music Awards" Best Male Artist in the pop music award, "Mu-Yap Music Awards" also took the Best Selling Album of the Year award.

9. Distance album was released in April 25, 2006. This album Mustafa Ceceli, Volga Tamöz Suat Aydogan, chose names like Erdem Kınay. From the album "Ask", "Dancer", "Greatest Love I", "Go", "Distance", "You Be My Baby" and "You did cry to" like Hitler output.

10th album, "Gold Remix 2007," 2 went on sale in April 2007. The album "Distance" value, as well as to give place to remix, edit Mustafa Cecelia his "Surprisingly", Volga Tamöz organized by "The Grudge" and "Two Heart" was given as 3 one new song to the ground. At the end of the same year he published a DVD of the concert he gave in Istanbul in 2007.

2008-11: Breath and Black Cat[edit]

Serdar Ortaç's "Breath" release dated May 22, 2008 took place from 11th album in music stores. The album "Devil", "Partition", "Gram", "Twitter" and Suat Aydoğan'l in the duet "I'm not worth" as a duet with Sultan "Separate go" and he sang along with Hadise'yl "Enemy" took place songs. In Yedigün sponsored the touring Turkey Serdar Ortaç Turkey has reached around the fans.

March 13, 2009 2009 12th named Gold Remix remix album was released. In this album, "Breath" as well as remixes on the new album 4 gave more space to the new song.

"King TV Video Music Awards" in 2006 and "go" with the clip of the Year, and the 2009 Pop Artist of the Year and Digital Sales Diamond Award, "Golden Butterfly Awards" Pop Music Best Male Artist and in 2006 "Dancer" by the Year the song won the award for Best Male Artist Pop Music again in 2009. Also in 2007, "Mu-Yap Music Awards" Distance of the year with the album received the award for Best Selling Album.

13th album, "Black Cat" album was released on May 14, 2010. Alexander stakeholders on the album, Suat Aydogan, Volga Tamöz, Erhan Flag Ionita Constantin, Sadun Ersönmez worked as the arranger Caner Tepecik. "Black Cat" in the album "Bags", "My job is Impossible", "microbes", "unfair", "Green Water" and "Easy" was filmed clips on the tracks.

14th album, "Gold 2011" was published on March 7, 2011. 8 new songs and "Black Cat" which includes the remix album in 8 songs from this album Ortaç "hands with" the song brought clipping. In the second clip in Bulgaria "trick" he pulled the song. The album's last concert footage clip consisting of "Life Track" what was taken.

Serdar Ortaç in 2010, "King TV Video Music Awards" King & King FM in TV-Radio Special Award was awarded the Most Played Artist Award. In 2011, "Balkanika TV Balkan Awards" at the bottom of the Year award for Best Male Artist.

2012-2014: Ray and me by Love[edit]

June 7, 2012 shortly after leaving the album before he voiced many things that floor, preparing himself to life his father has died Mehmet Dalyan. Serdar in Dalyan album "What The Joy" has been voiced song dedicated to his father would read.

15th album "Ray" was released on June 11, 2012. Suat Aydogan arranger of staff, Alexander stakeholders are Tolga Kilic and Sadun Ersönmez. This is the seventh album in a first piece "Wish My Love" in the arrangement of the by Serdar Ortaç. Although there are 16 tracks together, Serdar Ortaca belongs to the words and music of 10 of them. The first clip from the album, the album out before the distribution made to radio "Very upset that Adam" was taken from the track. The second video clip of the album "What The Joy" is drawn to the song; Serdar Ortaç consists of clips of concert footage.

In February 2013 in the album project Kina Erdem "No Comment" from the song clip was filmed. Also starting on Thursday, March 21, 2013 Serdar Ortaç "Popstar 2013" program Demet Akalin, Bulent Ersoy and has been a jury member with Orhan Gencebay'l.

2014 20th Year as a Specially Prepared 16th studio album, "Love me by" was published in May 2014 I 26. This album Tolga Kilic Murat Enough, Alexander stakeholders, Mert screen that was çalılş with their sranj as Suat Aydogan. The first clip directed by Emir Khalilzadeh "God" was filmed in the song.

Shortly after the album was married out of 6 June 2014 the Irish Chloe Loughner. Shortly after his marriage with multiple sclerosis (MS) has announced that illness. health after treatment in hospital for a while, went to the well.

During this period, "the King TV Video Music Awards" Radio in the Most Played Artist award, "Balkanika TV - Balkan awards in the" If you took the Best Male Artist of the Year and Project of the Year award.

2015-present: Take your hands off my heartand backbiting[edit]

May 6, 2015 Date 10-song "Take your hands off my heart" was released the album. clip out the first song of the album is said to Serdar Ortaç, music Floria, arenje also Emrah Business and Nurettin Colak belonging to "talk - my heart Czech hand" has filmed the song. The second clip is "Honey" was accompanied to the Serdar Ortaç clips to Bucharest Romanian singer Otilia. Serdar Ortaç album 3 clip lyrics and music for his own, and the regulation of the Volga Tamöz the "ungrateful" says Gülşen Aybaba song drew the basement directed clip.

Serdar Ortaç on 22 July 2015, "Take your hands off my heart" from the album where the remix version was released six-song album called Serdar Take us to a disco. July 29 Bulent Serttaş "The news does not come Yards is" a duet song. In December, the second half of 2000, discussions had with Hande Yener "Two Crazy" made the song a duet.

May 11, 2016 the day of backbiting is an album consisting of 10 songs, was released. Clip out the album's first song, "backbiting" pulled the song. This album Suat Aydogan Mert Sadun screen and arranger as well as experienced Ersönmez Whether Tariq, Ellis also worked with talented musicians Business and Nurettin Colak as the new era. their lyrics and music on the album, as well as screen Merten, Ayla Steel, Suat Aydogan, Tan Tasci and Nurettin Colak also located compositions.

Serdar Ortaç
Born (1970-02-16) 16 February 1970 (age 46)
Istanbul, Turkey
Genres Turkish pop music
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, TV show host, writer, composer
Years active 1994–present

Serdar Ortaç (Turkish pronunciation: [seɾˌdaɾ oɾˈtatʃ], born 16 February 1970) has been one of the popular singers of the Turkish pop music since the 1990s.


Year Released Title
1994 September 1994 Aşk İçin ("For love")
1996 March 1996 Yaz Yağmuru ("Summer Rain")
1997 October 1997 Loco Para Amar ("Addicted to Love")
1998 June 1998 Gecelerin Adamı ("Man Of Nights")
1999 September 1999 Bilsem ki ("If I knew")
2001 April 2001 Sahibinin Sesi ("Owner's Voice")
2002 July 2002 Okyanus ("Ocean")
2004 24 March 2004 Çakra/Beni Unut ("Chakra"/"Forget me")
2006 1 May 2006 Mesafe ("Distance")
2007 8 April 2007 Gold Remix
2008 2 June 2008 Nefes ("Breath")
2009 19 March 2009 Gold Remix
2010 20 May 2010 Kara Kedi ("Black Cat")
2011 10 March 2011 Gold 2011
2012 14 June 2012 Ray
2013 13 December 2013 Gold Remixes 3 CD
2014 19 May 2014 Bana Göre Aşk
2015 6 May 2015 Çek Elini Kalbimden


Year Title Info
2007 Taktik (Tactic) Artist: Bengü Genre: pop folk

Personal life[edit]

Serdar Ortaç married Cork born Irish Model Chloe Loughnane in 2014.[1]

Chloe Loughnan appeared in one of Serdar Ortaç videos and was a judge on a very popular Turkish fashion show, Bu Tarz Benim.[2]


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