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Estádio Boca do Jacaré
Full name Estádio Elmo Serejo Farias
Location Taguatinga, DF,  Brazil
Owner Taguatinga Regional Administration
and the Distrito Federal Government
Capacity 28,000
Opened January 23, 1978
Taguatinga Esporte Clube

The Elmo Serejo Farias Stadium, popularly known as Serejão or, more recently, Boca do Jacaré, is a Brazilian football stadium, based in city of Taguatinga, in the Distrito Federal.

The stadium holds 35,000 people. It was built in 1978.[1] The stadium is owned by the Taguatinga Regional Administration and by the Distrito Federal Government and is the home stadium of Taguatinga Esporte Clube.

Stadium name[edit]

Its formal name honors Elmo Serejo Farias, who was Taguatinga's administrator and Distrito Federal's governor during the stadium construction.

The nickname Estádio Boca do Jacaré means Alligator's Mouth Stadium, and is a reference to Brasiliense Futebol Clube's nickname.

Serejão means Big Serejo.


The inaugural match was played on January 23, 1978, when Taguatinga beat Vila Nova 1-0. The first goal of the stadium was scored by Taguatinga's Dinate.

The stadium's attendance record currently stands at 26,205 people, set on October 5, 2005 when Flamengo beat Brasiliense 3-2.

In 2001, the stadium was reformed, and its maximum capacity was expanded from 22,000 people to 32,000 people.


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