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Serekunda is located in The Gambia
Location in the Gambia
Coordinates: 13°26′N 16°40′W / 13.433°N 16.667°W / 13.433; -16.667
Country The Gambia
Division Banjul
Population [1]
 • Total ~ 337,000

Serekunda (Arabic: سيريكوندا‎‎, sometimes spelled Serrekunda) is the largest urban centre in The Gambia.[2]

It is situated close to the Atlantic coast, 13 km (8 mi) south-west of the capital, Banjul,[3] and is formed of nine villages which have grown together into a larger urban area.

Serekunda means "home of the Sayer [or Sayerr] family" and is named after its founder, Sayerr Jobe.[3]


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Coordinates: 13°26′N 16°40′W / 13.433°N 16.667°W / 13.433; -16.667