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Serengdongrub, as pictured in a 1941 Japanese "who's who" of China[1]

Serengdongrub (17 February 1894 – 2 August 1980) was an Inner Mongolian politician in the Republic of China.[2] An ethnic Mongol, he was a native of Harqin Middle Banner (today Ningcheng County, Chifeng).[3]


His Mongolian name Serengdongrub (also spelled Serendonrub, Serengdongrob, Serengdonrov, etc.) was transcribed into Chinese characters as Chinese: 色楞棟魯布; pinyin: Sèléngdònglǔbù.[3] In the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet, it is written Сэрэндонров (Serendonrov).[4] He used the Chinese name Pai Yün-t'i (Chinese: 白雲梯; pinyin: Bái Yúntī), and the courtesy name Chü Ch'uan (Chinese: 巨川; pinyin: Jù Chuān).[3] Some scholars read his Chinese name as a transcription of another Mongolian name Buyantai (meaning "meritorious", in Cyrillic Буянтай), and conflate references to Serengdongrub and Buyantai; however, as Christopher Atwood points, Buyantai (布彦泰) was actually another Harqin Mongol, whose Chinese name was Yu Lanzhai or Yu Lanze (??择).[5]


In 1912, he entered the Mongolian and Tibetan School at Beijing under Gungsangnorbu. Afterwards he joined the Kuomintang. In 1925, he was one of the founders of the Inner Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, along with Merse. In 1934, he became a member of the Mongol Local Autonomy Political Affairs Committee. From 1948 to 1949 he served as head of the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission. He retreated to Taiwan with the KMT, and died there in 1980.[2]



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Additional reading[edit]

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