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Serge Ankri (born 1949, in Tunis) is a film director.

He lived and studied in France and gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Nice. He migrated to Israel in 1973. He is a graduate of the Film & Televsision Department, Tel Aviv University. He produced two short fiction films which were shown at the Festival of Mediterranean Cinema of Vittel in 1981: Love and Football and The Strike is Over.

He has worked for two years for Israeli Television as a cameraman and reporter. In addition to his activities as a film director, Ankri was the film critic for the weekly publication Realities at Israel and teaches cinema at Tel Aviv University.


  • Love and Football (1979)
  • The Strike is Over (1982)
  • Burning Land (1984)
  • Strangers in the Night (1993)
  • Mama's Couscous (1994)
  • A Matter of Time (2005)

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