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Serge Lamothe
Serge Lamothe.jpg
Born (1963-02-15) February 15, 1963 (age 55)
Quebec, (Quebec), Canada
Occupation Novelist, poet, dramaturg, translator
Nationality Canadian and French
Citizenship Born Canadian, acquired French citizenship in 2003

Serge Lamothe (born February 15, 1963) is a French-Canadian writer.


He holds a master's degree in literature from Laval University in Quebec City.


He was a member of the board and vice president, in 2005, of UNEQ (Quebec Writers Union). From 2006 to 2015, he was a member of the board of the FIL (International Festival of Literature) in Montreal, Canada.





  • La longue portée, novel, L'instant même, Quebec, (1998). ISBN 2-89502-103-1
  • La tierce personne, novel, L'instant même, Quebec, (2000). ISBN 2-89502-135-X
  • L'ange au berceau, novel, L'instant même, Quebec, (2002). ISBN 2-89502-172-4
  • Les Baldwin, novel, L'instant même, Quebec, (2004). ISBN 2-89502-196-1
  • The Baldwins, novel, (Translated by Fred A. Reed & David Homel), Talonbooks, Vancouver, (2006). ISBN 0-88922-544-3
  • Tu n'as que ce sang, poetry, Mémoire d'encrier, Montreal, (2005). ISBN 2-923153-44-8
  • Le Procès de Kafka et Le Prince de Miguasha, theater, Alto, Quebec, (2005). ISBN 2-89518-222-1
  • Tarquimpol, novel, Alto, Quebec, (2007). ISBN 978-2-923550-04-6
  • Métarevers, novel, Coups de tête, Montreal, (2009). ISBN 978-2-923603-12-4
  • Projet Perfecto, short story, Alto, Quebec, (2010). ISBN 978-2-923550-39-8
  • Les Urbanishads, poetry, Le lézard amoureux, Quebec, (2010). ISBN 978-2-923398-17-4
  • Le nid de l'aigle, short stories, (photos by Sébastien Cliche) J'Ai Vu, Quebec, (2010). ISBN 978-2-922763-30-0
  • Les Enfants lumière, novel, Alto, Quebec, (2012). ISBN 978-2-89694-078-3
  • Ma terre est un fond d'océan, poetry, Mémoire d'encrier, Montreal, (2016). ISBN 978-2-89712-417-5
  • Mektoub, novel, Alto, Quebec, (2016). ISBN 978-2-89694-290-9


  • 2003 Yves-Thériault Award from Radio-Canada for The Prince of Miguasha, author
  • 2011 Kinokuniya Theatre Prize for Hunting Gun, Japan, stage adaptation
  • 2011 Yomiuri Prize for Hunting Gun, Japan, stage adaptation
  • 2012 Prix du Syndicat de la critique, Prix Claude Rostand, for Parsifal, Lyon, France, dramaturg
  • 2014 Diapason d'or from Diapason for the DVD of Parsifal at the MET, dramaturg


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