Sergeant Steel

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Sergeant Steel
OriginKronstorf, Upper Austria, Austria
GenresHard rock
Years active2007–present
LabelsBoyz Tyme
MembersPhil Vanderkill
Jack Power
Chuck Boom
Ben Bateman
Ronny Roxx
Kenny King
Past membersCosy Coxx

Sergeant Steel is a hard rock band from Austria, which was found by guitar player Jack Power, singer Phil Vanderkill and bass player Cosy Coxx in 2007. Sergeant Steel plays traditional hard rock music, which is ingrained in the 1970s and 1980s. You can compare Sergeant Steel with bands like Queen, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Rainbow and Deep Purple. They call themselves "Austria's hard rock band number 1".


Early years (2007-2009)[edit]

Jack Power, Phil Vanderkill and Cosy Coxx founded Sergeant Steel in October, 2007. First demo tracks appeared on the internet. The triumvirate started to look for a drummer and a second guitar player. Phil and Chuck Boom got in touch in early 2008. They talked about their common past in miscellaneous bands & projects. Chuck admitted that he wanted to go in a musically heavier direction again, after years in the field of jazz and pop music. After a meeting at Jack's apartment Sergeant Steel finally made up a foursome. At the same time Cosy got in contact with his cousin Kenny King. With a distinctive interest in Queen he seized to opportunity to join Sergeant Steel. The band played their first live show in August.

Lovers and Maniacs (2010-2011)[edit]

Keyboard/ piano player Ben Bateman joined Sergeant Steel in the fall of 2009. Debut album "Lovers & Maniacs", produced & mixed by Jack Power, was then sent to the United States of America. The record got mastered by Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Ratt, Europe, ...) in Los Angeles.[1]

In March 2010 Sergeant Steel released "Lovers & Maniacs" successfully on their own. The album was critically acclaimed by international music press such as Metal Hammer Germany ("Demo of the month", German issue 10/2010), Rock Hard Germany, Heavy Magazine Germany, Sleaze Roxx Canada, and many more. Ronny Roxx succeeded Cosy Coxx on bass guitar. Cosy left the band in a friendly way due to personal reasons. Sergeant Steel signed a record deal with Refused Records in 2011. "Lovers & Maniacs" was officially re-released world-wide in 2011.[2] The band began to record their second album.

Men on a Mission (2012–present)[edit]

In the beginning of 2012 Sergeant Steel met legendary producer/mixer Michael Wagener[3] (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Janet Jackson, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, etc.) in Nashville/Tennessee, USA. Wagener mixed and mastered their second album within three weeks. The band promoted the trip by an exclusive music-video "Heaven Misses An Angel". In February 2013 Sergeant Steel released a single, called "Black Wings Comin'". It is the official anthem of the EHC Black Wings Linz ice-hockey club (winner of Austrian hockey-championships 2003 & 2012). "Black Wings Comin'" was mastered by Peter Mew (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, etc.) at Abbey Road Studios in London, United Kingdom. The group played support-shows for legendary rock bands like Deep Purple[4] – here they released a special CD called "Clam Rocks!" including excerpts from their back then unreleased second album "Men on a Mission" - and Sweet. Finally in September Sergeant Steel released their second record "Men on a Mission" and two videos via Boyz Tyme Records world-wide!



  • 2009: Lovers & Maniacs (2009: self-released, 2010: Refused Records)
  • 2013: Men on a Mission (Boyz Tyme Records)
  • 2015: Riders of the Worm (Boyz Tyme Records)


  • 2013: Clam Rocks (limited EP)


  • 2012: Heaven Misses an Angel
  • 2013: Black Wings Comin'
  • 2013: Cry Out Your Heart, Baby!

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