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Archimandrite Sergei Dabich (Russian: Сергий Дабич; born in 1877, Poltava, nowadays Ukraine - died on 8 July 1927, Sanremo, Italy) was a Russian Greek-Catholic priest and a convert from Orthodoxy to Eastern Catholicism.


Dabic was born in 1877 in Poltava. He studied at the Poltava Military School and graduated from the Poltava classical school. Dabic graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Moscow and the Orthodox Theological Academy. From 1909 to 1910 he lived in monasteries as novice in Russia and Palestine. In 1911 took monastic vows and in 1912 was ordained a celibate priest. In 1914 he became Archimandrite serving as rector of the Russian Orthodox Church in Athens. In 1920 he emigrated from Russia and was the dean of the Orthodox parishes in Central Europe. In 1923 in Munich he met with Michel d'Herbigny, under whose influence made him converted to Catholicism of the Eastern rite and maintained the dignity of Archimandrite. He studied Catholic theology in Paris and at the same time engaged in pastoral work among Russian emigrants under the leadership of Bishop Emmanuel Shaptalov. In 1925, disillusioned them in perfect step, and he assumed that the work under Bishop Shaptalov does not correspond to his rank and have left Paris. He conducted a wandered life and has lived in various Catholic monasteries. Serge Dabic died of bronchitis on 8 July 1927 in San Remo.


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