Sergei Kovalenko

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Sergei Kovalenko
Personal information
Full name Sergey Ivanovich Kovalenko
Nationality Soviet Union
Born (1947-08-11)August 11, 1947
Lüshunkou, China
Under Soviet occupation
Died November 18, 2004 (age 57)
Kiev, Ukraine
Country Soviet Union
Sport Basketball
Club Burevestnik (1965–1968)
Budivelnyk (1969–1975)
CSKA (1976–1980)

Sergey Ivanovich Kovalenko (Russian: Серге́й Ива́нович Ковале́нко; born August 11, 1947,[1] died November 18, 2004 at age 57 in Kiev[2]) was a Soviet basketball player who won the gold medal with the Soviet basketball team in the 1972 Olympics. He trained at Burevestnik in Tbilisi (1965–1968) and later at VSS Avanhard in Kiev (1969–1975), and also played for CSKA Moscow (1976–1980).[3]