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Sergei Sviatchenko
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Occupationcollage artist
Work on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade

Sergei Sviatchenko (born 1952) is a collage artist from Ukraine. He has lived in Denmark since the 1990s.[1] Sviatchenko graduated from Kharkiv School of Architecture in Kharkiv in 1975, and in 1986 he studied a Ph. D. at the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, Kiev.[citation needed]


Sviatchenko works in collage and photomontage. At times he makes use of image material found in books and magazines;[2] in one series of works, Mutatis Mutandis, he cut up and then re-photographed his own photographic negatives.[3] Some of his work has drawn inspiration from the writings of the graphic designer and Constructivist architect Yakov Chernikov, particularly from his 101 Architectural Fantasies, published in 1933.[2]

Sviatchenko has done commercial graphic design work using photomontage, for companies such as Danske Bank and Nokia. He has an art gallery in Denmark.[2]

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5. Sviatchenko collage kunst van The Walrus


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