Sergelen, Töv

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Sergelen District
Сэргэлэн сум
Settlement on the steppes of Sergelen
Settlement on the steppes of Sergelen
Country Mongolia
Province Töv Province
Time zone UTC+8 (UTC + 8)

Sergelen (Mongolian: Сэргэлэн, Smart) is a sum of Töv Province in Mongolia.

Khöshigt Valley Airport[edit]

Khöshigt valley, located in Sergelen, is the planned location of a new international airport, originally slated to begin operations in 2015. The airport, built with a loan from the Japanese Government, has a planned capacity twice that of Chinggis Khaan International Airport. A highway is also planned to be built, connecting the valley directly with Ulaanbaatar.[1] It is also planned to build the modern city of 100,000 population by the airport.[2]


Coordinates: 47°36′40″N 107°01′22″E / 47.61111°N 107.02278°E / 47.61111; 107.02278