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Sergey Aleksandrovich Fursenko
Sergei Fursenko 2011.jpg
Born 1954
Nationality Russian

Sergey Aleksandrovich Fursenko (Russian: Серге́й Александрович Фурсенко) (born 1954 in Leningrad, Soviet Union) is a Russian businessman.

He is a brother of Andrei Fursenko.


Since the early 1990s, Sergei Fursenko owns a dacha in Solovyovka, Priozersky District of the Leningrad region, which is located on the eastern shore of the Komsomolskoye lake on the Karelian Isthmus near St. Petersburg. His neighbours there are Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Yakunin, his brother Andrei Fursenko, Yuriy Kovalchuk, Viktor Myachin, Vladimir Smirnov and Nikolay Shamalov. On 10 November 1996, together they instituted the co-operative society Ozero (the Lake) which united their properties.[1][2][3]

Since July 2003 Sergey Fursenko is the director general of the JSC Lentransgaz, a subsidiary of Gazprom.

Since 2005 he is the director general (later president) of the football club Zenit, Saint Petersburg.

Since February 2010 til June 2012 he was the president of the Russian Football Union.[4]

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