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Sergey Malitsky
Sergey Malitsky.jpg
Born (1962-10-12) 12 October 1962 (age 56)
Irkutskaya oblast, Russian Federation
GenreFantasy Action

Sergey Malitsky (Russian: Сергей Малицкий) is a contemporary Russian fantasy fiction writer of Polish descent, best known for his fantasy series Arban Saesh, The Code of Semideath, Nothing Personal, Ash of Gods and others, which were released by Armada publishing house and Eksmo.[1]


In the year 2000 Malitsky released a collection of short stories entitled It's Easy («Легко»). Then he turned from short stories to novels. His debut in this form, the novel The Outlander's Mission («Миссия для чужеземца») was released in 2006. Sergey is a prizewinner of two prestigious in Russian-speaking world literature awards: Sword without a Name (Moscow, Russia, 2007, for the novel The Outlander's Mission) and Golden Caduceus (Kharkov, Ukraine, 2007, for the same novel). Many short stories written by Malitsky were published in different literature collections released in Russia and Ukraine.

Video game collaborations[edit]

Currently Sergey Malitsky works on the script of fantasy RPG/TBS video game Ash of Gods: Redemption which is in development by the studio AurumDust. [2]

Personal life[edit]

Sergey Malitsky currently resides in Russian city Kolomna. He is married and have two children.[3]


Arban Saesh series[edit]

Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
2006 The Outlander's Mission (Миссия для чужеземца) Armada publishing house, Moscow 5-93556-755-5 Sword without a Name literature award, Golden Caduceus literature award
2006 Counting the Shadows (Отсчёт теней) Armada publishing house, Moscow 5-93556-771-7
2006 A Stone Between the Millstones (Камешек в жерновах) Armada publishing house, Moscow 5-93556-784-9

The Code of Semideath series[edit]

Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
2007 Ant Honey (Муравьиный мёд) Armada publishing house, Moscow 5-93556-850-0
2008 A Frame for the Abyss (Оправа для бездны) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-0220-5
2009 The Seal of Ice (Печать льда) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-0375-2
2010 The Man of Fun (Забавник) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-0587-9

Nothing Personal series[edit]

Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
2010 The Qurantine (Карантин) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-0691-3
2010 The Blockade (Блокада) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-0771-2

Ash of Gods series[edit]

Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
2011 The Subversion (Пагуба) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-0960-0
2012 The Vale (Юдоль) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-1210-5
2012 The Sacrifice (Треба) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-1330-0

Stones of Mitutu series[edit]

Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
2014 The Providence of Evil (Провидение зла) Eksmo, Moscow 978-5-699-69410-5
2014 The Taint (Скверна) Eksmo, Moscow 978-5-699-72307-2
2014 The Tremble (Трепет) Eksmo, Moscow 978-5-699-75298-0
2015 Shadow of the Shining One (Тень Лучезарного) Eksmo, Moscow 978-5-699-78652-7

Shelter of the Cursed series[edit]

Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
2016 The Darkness Silhouette (Очертание тьмы) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-2255-5
2016 Property of the Fallen (Достояние павших) – currently on work

Single novels[edit]

Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
2007 The Compression (Компрессия) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-93556-973-0
2011 The Vacancy (Вакансия) Armada publishing house, Moscow 978-5-9922-0886-3


Year Title Publisher ISBN Note
2000 The Assholedrome (Мудодром) Rio, Moscow 5-89752-031-3
2012 Minus (Минус) Kolomensky Almanac
2012 Every Hunter (Каждый охотник) Kolomensky Almanac

Short stories[edit]

Title Type Year of publication
The Straining Thread short story 1999
The Things short story 2002
The Junkman short story 2004
Suburban Cyperpunk short story 2004
The Rules of Climbing Up the Vertical Wall short story 2005
Love with a Mocker short story 2005
The Genre Classic short story 2005
Palych short story 2005; 2009
The Broken Pencil short story 2006
The Preliminary Shot short story 2007
The Job Interview short story 2008
The Swede short story 2008
The Complete Inquiry short story 2008
Tea short story 2008
Tanya the Foolish Girl short story 2009
Confidentially short story 2009
The Guest short story 2009
The Dust short story 2010
The Glass short story 2011
Interpretation short story 2012
The Truancy short story 2012
The Reconstruction short story 2012
Tales from the Bunker short story 2012


  • Sword without a Name – 2007, for the novel The Outlander's Mission
  • Golden Caduceus – 2007, for the novel The Outlander's Mission