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Sergey Manukyan (Armenian: Սերգեյ Մանուկյան) (b. March 15, 1955, Grozny, RSFSR) is a Russian jazz and soul vocalist, composer, and musician. He is ethnically Armenian.

Manukyan started playing jazz when he was 12 and formed his first jazz band when he was in school. After graduating from Grozny Music College, he started playing with a radio and TV jazz orchestra. He received an award by the Vocalists International Competition in Poland. In the 1980's, he participated in major Soviet jazz festivals in Riga, Leningrad, and Novosibirsk, and played with "Avitsenna" band (Tallinn). Since 1985, he has been living in Moscow. Manukyan cooperates with Anatoly Kroll, Richard Elliot, Carlos Santana, George Benson, and Herbie Hancock.[1]


  • 1989 — grand-prize of all-Soviet TV Music competition, prize of public sympathy
  • 1994 — Best Jazz musician in Russia and "Ovatsia" award


  • 1997 — Sekreti
  • 1999 — Your Smile

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