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Not to be confused with Sergio Rubin.
Sergio Rubini
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Born December 21, 1959
Grumo Appula (Apulia)

Sergio Rubini (born December 21, 1959) is an Italian actor and film director.

Life and career[edit]

Rubini was born in Grumo Appula (Apulia), but soon moved to Rome to study acting. After some roles in theater, he debuted in a feature film with Figlio mio infinitamente caro (1985), which was followed by Desiderando Giulia and Il caso Moro. In 1987 he appeared in Federico Fellini's Intervista.

In 1989 Rubini debuted also as director with La stazione, written with his friend Umberto Marino. The film won a Silver Ribbon and a David di Donatello as best debut work. In 1994 he was again actor in Carlo Verdone's Al lupo al lupo, and the following year he directed himself and Nastassja Kinski in La bionda. In 1994 he co-wrote Giuseppe Tornatore's Una pura formalità.

In 1997 he appeared in Gabriele Salvatores' Nirvana, and the same year he directed Il viaggio della sposa, with Giovanna Mezzogiorno. In 2000 Rubini was directed again by Salvatores in Denti. In 2004, he appeared as Saint Dismas in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.

Rubini's latest work is La terra (2006), a film about a family feud set in southern Italy.





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