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Sergio Valente is an American clothing brand best known for juniors' and women's designer jeans and stretch-denim fabrics. It is currently owned by the privately held Seattle Pacific Industries Inc. of Kent, Washington, which additionally owns the Reunion and Saltaire menswear brands and the Unionbay teen-clothing brand.

The brand dates to 1975, but its supposed original designer - 'Sergio Valente' - is fictitious. Mr. Valente, in fact, never existed. The actual creator of the Sergio Valente brand jeans, was Englishtown Sportswear Ltd., a New York City-based company formed by William Hsu, Martin Heinfling, Brian Leung, Tony Lau, Eli Kaplan and Leo Zelkin. Kaplan was bought out around the early-to-mid 1980s, and Zelkin and Heinfling left the company by 1992, the latter a prominent Broadway producer at that point. The remaining shareholders, Leung and Lau, merged Englishtown into Seattle Pacific Industries, which relaunched Sergio Valente sometime thereafter.[1][2]

Sergio Valente has fashion showrooms in New York and Los Angeles. Its jeans are sold in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan.


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