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Sergio Rodrigo Villagra (born 11 October 1973 in Viña del Mar, Chile) is an Australian rules football goal umpire who has officiated in the Australian Football League since 2002.[1][2][3]

Early life[edit]

Villagra immigrated to Australia with his family from Chile during the Pinochet regime. The family settled in the west of Sydney.[2]


After watching his first Australian Football League match, between the Sydney Swans and Fremantle at the Sydney Cricket Ground, in 1995 he developed a fascination with the goal umpires, who at the time wore white hats.[2]

In 1999 he decided to become a goal umpire, joining one of his local leagues.[2] By the 2002 AFL season he had joined the AFL umpiring panel. In Round 4, 2002 he made his AFL umpiring debut at the Sydney Cricket Ground in a match between the Sydney Swans and the Kangaroos.[1]

As of Round 19 of the 2009 AFL season he had umpired in 79 AFL matches.[4]

Villagra has twice been awarded the Michael Heinrichs Award for best goal umpire by the New South Wales Australian Football Umpires Association.[5] He has officiated in over 100 senior matches in the Sydney AFL competition.[6]


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