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Serhiy Petrovych Klyuyev (Ukrainian: Сергій Петрович Клюєв) is a Ukrainian businessman and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament,[1]

Serhiy Klyuyev was born on August 19, 1969 in Donetsk (Soviet Union). He is the brother of another politician Andriy Klyuyev.[2] In June 2006 experts estimated the joint assets of the Klyuyev brothers to be $144 million.[2]

Klyuyev was last seen on 4 June 2015 in Boryspil Airport, in an alleged attempt to flee Ukraine.[3] Since 8 June 2015 Klyuyev is wanted by Ukrainian police for "fraud" and enrichment "through abuse of office".[3]

Political career[edit]

2002–2005 Deputy Chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration[1] 2006 Member of the Parliament of the 5th legislation period as a member of the Party of Regions[1] (N 62 on the list)
since April 2006 Member of the Permanent Parliamentary Delegation to PACE
2007 Member of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine
Chairman of the Austria-Ukraine Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group
Chairman of the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Banking and Foreign Currency Policy
Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Banking
Member of the Ukraine-Azerbaijan and Ukraine-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Groups

In 2012 he was re-elected into parliament on the party list of Party of Regions.[4]

In January 16, 2014 voted for the laws that conflict with Constitution of Ukraine, Convention about the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, obligations and duties of Ukraine as a member of the UNO, CE and OSCE.[5]

During the February 2014 Ukrainian revolution Klyuyev's brother Andriy Klyuyev fled to Russia.[6]

In the October 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election Klyuyev was again re-elected into parliament; this time as a non-partisan candidate after winning a single-member districts seat in Artemivsk with 47.40% of the votes.[7] In parliament he joined the Opposition Bloc faction.[6] On 3 June 2015 parliament stripped his prosecutorial immunity rights.[6] At that time Ukrainian state prosecutors were prepared to bring criminal proceedings against him for fraud and embezzlement of budget funds.[6][8] Klyuyev himself has stated his immunity was lifted due to "political pressure".[6] On 8 June 2015 Klyuyev was put on Ukraine's wanted list after he failed to show up for interegation.[3] He is wanted on "fraud" and enrichment "through abuse of office" charges.[3] Klyuyev was last seen in on 4 June 2015 on Boryspil Airport, in an alleged attempt to flee to Vienna.[3]

Professional career[edit]

1992–1994 Commercial Director of Trade House Pidshipnik Ltd.,[1] a joint-venture company
1994–2000 Vice-president, Chairman of the Ukrpidshipnik Supervisory Board
2000–2002 & 2005–2006 CEO of the Ukrpidshipnik Group[1]
1997–2002 & 06.2005 – 09.2005 Member of the Board of Directors of Slav AG Company, Vienna (Austria)[1]

Klyuyev and his brother Andriy Klyuyev sold Active Bank in March 2013.[9]


In 1987 – 92 Serhiy Klyuyev studied at the Donetsk National Technical University (Donetsk Politechnic Institute). Upon graduation he received Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering (the same specialization as his brother).[1] He is an author and an holder of some 39 patents in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy, cable production and electric engineering.

Personal life[edit]

Klyuyev is married to Iryna (born 1964) and has a daughter named Olha and a son named Andriy (1992).[1]