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Serie A2 Basket
Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro Logo.png
Country  Italy
Confederation FIBA Europe
Founded 1974; 44 years ago (1974)
First season 1974–75
Number of teams 32
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to LBA
Relegation to Serie B
Domestic cup(s) Coppa Italia LNP
Supercup Supercoppa LNP
Current champions Pallacanestro Trieste
(1st title)
Most championships 15 teams
(1 title each)
TV partners Sportitalia
2017–18 Serie A2 Basket

Serie A2 Basket, known for sponsorship reasons as Serie A2 Citroën, is a professional men's basketball league in Italy. It constitutes the second-tier of the Italian league pyramid, below the first division LBA and above the third division Serie B, with promotion/relegation occurring between these leagues.

It is run by the Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro (LNP), itself regulated by the FIP, the Italian federation.


  • 1974–2001: Serie A2 Basket
  • 2001–2013: LegaDue Basket
  • 2013–2014: DNA Gold Basket
  • 2014–present: Serie A2 Basket

The league was created in May 1974, by the Lega Basket, the organisation in charge of running the LBA (to this day), that decided to create a new second division with 10 clubs. The two that were relegated during that season, and 8 from the now-former second tier Serie B, chosen with an on and off the court criteria.

The 1975–76 season saw 12 clubs take part, after a complicated system had seen a transfer of clubs from the Serie A1 to the A2.[1]

In June 2001, the LegaDue was created to replace the Serie A2. Lega Basket now took part in running the league, though a system of promotion and relegation between the leagues remained.[2]

During the 2013 summer, another revamp was decided. The LegaDue was amalgamated with the third division DNA, to form a two-tiered league, the DNA (Divisione Nazionale A) Gold and DNA Silver. The two DNA's had separate season's, but the first ranked team in DNA Silver joined the seven best Gold teams to compete for the single promotion spot in the Serie A. The next best eight Silver squads fought for one spot in the next Gold season, whilst the three worst teams were relegated.[3]

The next season saw the league retake its Serie A2 moniker, keeping a similar but tweaked hybrid model, with the eight best Gold and the four best Silver teams taking part in the promotion playoffs (still for the one spot), whilst the last two Gold and the penultimate and ante-penultimate Silver squads play a relegation play out (the last ranked Silver team was relegated outright).[4]

Competition format[edit]

For the 2015–16 season, the Serie A2 Basket is composed of 32 teams with a regional subdivision in two equal groups of sixteen, East and West.

Each team plays the others in its subgroup twice, the first ranked team of each group then plays the eighth ranked team of the other group (e.g. East #1 against West #8), then the second best against the seventh, and so on, to form a promotion playoffs (for one place) of sixteen teams.[5]

Current clubs[edit]

League champions[edit]


Season MVP Team
2009–10 United States Omar Thomas New Basket Brindisi
2010–11 United States Ricky Hickman Junior Casale
2011–12 United States Dwight Hardy Pistoia Basket
2012–13 United States Casper Ware Junior Casale
2013–14 Italy Davide Pascolo Aquila Basket Trento
2014–15[6] United States Darryl Monroe Tezenis Verona
2015–16[7] United States Damian Hollis Centrale del Latte Brescia

Best Coach[edit]

Season Coach Team
2003–04 Italy Fabrizio Frates Pallacanestro Reggiana
2004–05 Italy Giovanni Perdichizzi Orlandina Basket
2005–06 Italy Luca Dalmonte Basket Club Ferrara
2006–07 Italy Giampiero Ticchi Basket Rimini Crabs
2007–08 Italy Sandro Dell'Agnello Basket Livorno
2008-09 Italy Andrea Trinchieri Veroli Basket
2009–10 Italy Luigi Garelli Nuova Pallacanestro Vigevano
2010–11 Italy Giulio Griccioli Scafati Basket
2011–12 Italy Massimiliano Menetti Pallacanestro Reggiana
2012–13 Italy Alberto Martelossi Basket Brescia Leonessa
2013–14 Italy Maurizio Buscaglia Aquila Basket Trento
2014–15[6] Italy Alessandro Ramagli Scaligera Basket Verona
2015–16[8] Italy Eugenio Dalmasson Trieste

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