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Serif (Europe) Ltd
TypeLimited company
HeadquartersWest Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
ProductsList of Serif products
OwnerSerif Senior Management

Serif (Europe) Ltd is a privately owned British developer and publisher of software. It provides software and associated products direct to customers through its website and contact centre in the United Kingdom, and through retailers.

The wider 'Serif Group Ltd', also operates a question and answer support website called CommunityPlus and a now closed gifts and gadgets website called Gizoo.[1][2]


Serif was founded in 1987 by a small team of software engineers, with the objective of creating lower-cost alternatives to existing Desktop Publishing (DTP) software packages using the Microsoft Windows platform.[3][4]

The first Serif product to be released was called PageStar: a simple, low-cost advertisement layout program for Windows 2.0. This was expanded in 1990 with their follow-up, PagePlus (originally for Windows 3.0),[4] which would go on to win 'Best Software' at the Computer Shopper Awards 2014.[5] In subsequent years, this was accompanied by other software products in the 'Plus' range, including DrawPlus (1994),[6] PhotoPlus (1999),[7] WebPlus (2000),[8] and MoviePlus (2003).[9]

In 1996, Serif was acquired by American company Vizacom (formerly known as Allegro New Media); however, ownership was sold back to Serif senior management in 2001.[10][11]

The successor to their DrawPlus product, Affinity Designer (a vector art & design package) was launched in 2014 for macOS.[12] It was Serif's first product for macOS, and had been written from scratch specifically for it.[13] This was followed in 2015 by the second Affinity product (and successor to PhotoPlus), Affinity Photo (a photo editing & design package).[14]

In 2016, following the release of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Windows, Serif ceased development for their 'Plus' product range to focus exclusively on the Affinity product range.[15]

Affinity Publisher, the successor to PagePlus and the third addition to the Affinity product line, was released in 2019.[16] There are no current plans by Serif to replace the WebPlus and MoviePlus product lines in the Affinity range.[17][18][19]


The following are all software packages, for the following applications:

Current products[edit]

Legacy products (No longer for sale or maintained)[edit]

Discontinued products[edit]


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