Serious and Organised Crime Command

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The Serious and Organised Crime Command (SCD7) is a unit of the Metropolitan Police in Greater London, United Kingdom. It is part of the Specialist Crime Directorate and is divided into 10 units:[1]

  • Project Team - conducts operations against organised crime, (cross-London, national or international) at National Intelligence Model levels 2-3. This includes proactive contracts to kill, major drugs suppliers, multi-dimensional crime groups, including ethnically composed gangs, and large-scale firearms trafficking.
  • Central Task Force - investigates class A drug dealers, firearms traffickers and any other criminal group impacting on two or more London Boroughs, particularly criminal networks.
  • Cultural and Communities Research Unit - provides 24-hour support with immediate access to staff of the Met Police that have a broad range of life skills, such as knowledge of a community, language, culture, religion, trade or hobby.
  • Operation Grafton[3] - investigates criminal networks linked to crime with a value over £10,000 in and around Heathrow Airport, including networks operating across force boundaries.