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Sermilik Station, August 2007

Sermilik Station is a glaciology research station on Ammassalik Island, dedicated to the research of the nearby the Mittivakkat Glacier. The station is located approximately at 65°41′N 37°55′W / 65.683°N 37.917°W / 65.683; -37.917 on the west side of the Ammasalik island in south east Greenland,[1] on the shore of the Sermilik Fjord. The station is not permanently staffed. However, during most times in summer they will have researchers working there.


The station was built in 1970 to provide the logistical base for the research.[2] In 1972, the main building was destroyed by an avalanche. It was rebuilt later closer to the shore, which is its current location.


The station is located on the west side of Ammassalik Island. The closest settlement is Tasiilaq, and it would take around 1 day on foot to get from there to the station. The station is situated on a popular hiking route around the island.

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