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Japanese cover art
Developer(s)Naxat Soft[1]
Publisher(s)Naxat Soft
Composer(s)Atsuhiro Motoyama[2]
Platform(s)Game Boy
Multiplayer (up to two players)

Serpent (かこむん蛇, Kakomunja) is a Game Boy snake game developed by Naxat Soft. It was released in 1990 for the North American and Japanese markets.


When one snake is cornered in and stopped, it will self-destruct, with the surviving snake winning the match.

In the future, there is a sport called Serpent. Two fighters in serpentine robotic machines try to box each other in to win the fight. The serpents are detailed in the fact that they aren't just a line, giving a greater sense of realism to the game. Each snake has a fixed number of lives; with losing a life being a representation of "losing the war." The "game over" message is a simple message saying "the bitter taste of defeat" with an animated picture of a snake crying and accompanied by a melancholic music in a waltz rhythm.

There are two modes with four difficulty levels; level 1 is considered to be the easiest (normal speed and enemy performance) while level 4 is the hardest (fast speed and enemies are likely to cheat death). The first mode allows players to simply compete against an opponent while the second mode brings in a series of small snakes that emerge when players take too long conquering a level.[3] Missiles can be launched when the player collects them on the field. White numbers help the player develop a longer body while black numbers make the body shorter.[4]

Missiles can either make the enemy faster (black missiles) or slower (white missiles). Winning 7 of the 13 possible matches automatically makes the player into the "champion of serpents.[3]"


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