Serpent Crest

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Serpent Crest
Doctor Who audio play
Doctor Who Serpent Crest.jpg
Written by Paul Magrs
Produced by Kate Thomas
Series 3
Length 5 episodes
60 minutes each
Originally broadcast 8 September -
8 December 2011
(CD release)
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Demon Quest The Ribos Operation
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Serpent Crest is an audio play in five episodes based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is written by Paul Magrs, and stars Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Richard Franklin as Captain Mike Yates. It was released on five CDs by BBC Audiobooks between September and December 2011 and is a sequel to 2009's Hornets' Nest and 2010's Demon Quest. They feature multiple actors, but four of the episodes contain some degree of narration by different characters, the exception being the first episode, Tsar Wars.[1][2]

Serpent Crest[edit]

Tsar Wars[edit]

(released 8 September 2011)

  • The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey are kidnapped by menacing robots and transported through a wormhole to an extravagant palace, floating in space, a hundred thousand years in the future. A colony of humanoid robots have overthrown their creators and forged a longstanding galactic empire. But now the humans are threatening to overthrow their Robotov Tsars. In an attempt to bring peace, the Tsarina creates Alex, a cyborg infant. And at his heart is a deadly Skishtari Egg.


The Broken Crown[edit]

(released 6 October 2011)

  • Wibbsey and the Doctor traverse the wormhole back to Nest Cottage. But Nest Cottage hasn't been built yet. This is Hexford Village in the year 1861. And the TARDIS is a century and a half in the future. They also discover a thirteen-year-old boy with a paper face. And his favourite toy is the powerful Skishtari Egg.


Aladdin Time[edit]

(released 3 November 2011)

  • Alex, Wibbsey and the Doctor have been pulled within the Skishtari Egg. Now they find themselves trapped in Aladdin's Cave, a labyrinth of magical rooms and strange characters.


The Hexford Invasion[edit]

(released 8 December 2011)

  • The Doctor is reunited with his TARDIS and uses it to return Alex and Boolin to the Robotovs. Mrs Wibbsey is back at present day Nest Cottage, with the Skishtari Egg buried deep beneath it, as it always has been. While the Doctor is away, nine months quietly go by for her. Then Mike Yates returns, along with his former employers, UNIT, on the trail of alien activity. Mike has also teamed up with a strange little man claiming to be the Second Doctor.


Survivors in Space[edit]

(released 8 December 2011)

  • The Skishtari spaceship failed to find their precious Egg and in the process, the entire village of Hexford is accidentally thrown through a wormhole and dumped on a barren moon in a strange galaxy. For three months, the villagers cope, with only Captain Yates and his mysterious, mop-topped little friend to maintain order. But the Robotovs' guards are closing in, as are the Skishtari. Finally, the TARDIS tracks down the misplaced hamlet. The Fourth Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey make their final confrontation, bringing with them the Skishtari Egg, just as it is about to hatch.


  • The Doctor - Tom Baker
  • Mrs Wibbsey - Susan Jameson
  • Captain Mike Yates - Richard Franklin
  • The Visitor - David Troughton
  • Reverend Tonge - Cornelius Garrett
  • Deirdre - Nerys Hughes
  • Tish - Joanna Tope
  • Lucius - Sam Hoare
  • Tsar - Paddy Wallace


  • Writer - Paul Magrs
  • Producer & Director - Kate Thomas
  • Script Editor & Executive Producer - Michael Stevens
  • Cover Illustrators - Brian Williamson



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