Serra Monte Cristo

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Serra Monte Cristo
Highest point
Peak Unnamed location
Elevation 1,118 m (3,668 ft)
Coordinates 16°04′00″S 59°28′00″W / 16.06667°S 59.46667°W / -16.06667; -59.46667Coordinates: 16°04′00″S 59°28′00″W / 16.06667°S 59.46667°W / -16.06667; -59.46667
Country Brazil
Borders on Serra Monte Cristo
Serra Monte Cristo is located in Brazil
Serra Monte Cristo
Location in Brazil

Serra Monte Cristo is a Brazilian mountain range located within the state of Mato Grosso. The state's highest point is located there, measuring 1,118 meters (3,668 feet).[1]

The range is protected by the 120,092 hectares (296,750 acres) Serra de Santa Bárbara State Park, created in 1997.[2]


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