Sierra de Enguera

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Sierra de Enguera
Landscape in Sierra de Enguera
Highest point
Elevation 1,056 m (3,465 ft)
Coordinates 38°56′40″N 0°57′34″W / 38.94444°N 0.95944°W / 38.94444; -0.95944Coordinates: 38°56′40″N 0°57′34″W / 38.94444°N 0.95944°W / 38.94444; -0.95944
Sierra de Enguera is located in Spain
Sierra de Enguera
Sierra de Enguera
Location Canal de Navarrés and Valle de Cofrentes,
Valencian Community
Parent range Prebaetic System, eastern end
Mountain type Karstic
Easiest route Drive from Énguera, Ayora or Almansa, then hike

Sierra de Enguera[1] (Valencian: Serra d'Énguera) is a 16.45 km (10 mi) long mountain range in the Canal de Navarrés and Valle de Cofrentes comarcas, Valencian Community, Spain. Its highest point is Altos de Salomón (1,056 m.) in the Caroig Massif. Other important peaks are Palmera (880 m.), Cova Negra (862 m.) and Marc (830 m.).

This mountain chain is named after the town of Énguera, located to the east of the range.[2]

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