Serra d'En Galceran

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Serra d'En Galceran
The Serra d'En Galceran range seen from Les Coves de Vinromà
Highest point
Elevation 1,078 m (3,537 ft)
Coordinates 40°16′57″N 0°00′22″W / 40.28250°N 0.00611°W / 40.28250; -0.00611Coordinates: 40°16′57″N 0°00′22″W / 40.28250°N 0.00611°W / 40.28250; -0.00611
Serra d'En Galceran is located in Spain
Serra d'En Galceran
Serra d'En Galceran
Location Plana Alta, Alcalatén, Valencian Community
Parent range Iberian System, eastern end
Mountain type Limestone
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route From La Serra d'en Galceran or Albocàsser

Serra d'En Galceran (Valencian pronunciation: [ˈsɛra ðeŋ ɡaɫseˈɾan], Spanish: Sierra de Engarcerán[1]) is a mountain range of the Valencian Community, Spain.


The main peaks of the range are the 1,078 m high Tossal de la Vila, Penya Blanca (951 m) and Tossal de la Toiola (939 m). This range is one of the most important areas in Europe where there are still pristine woods and thickets of Phoenician juniper, sometimes mixed with Kermes oak.[2] The Spanish Ibex is abundant in the range.

The towns of La Serra d'en Galceran and La Sarratella are located within the mountain range, the former one giving it its name. Parts of this mountain range fall also within the Albocàsser, Les Coves de Vinromà, la Torre d'en Doménec, Vilanova d'Alcolea, Bell-lloc and La Vall d'Alba municipal terms.

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